Purestrat 2012

The Online tournament formats

The day prior to the draft each player receives a team number randomly. 1 through how ever many players are in the tournament.
A 100 sided dice is rolled as many times as there are teams in the tournament. You will receive an email with the 100 sider results and you match your team number with the roll number. At that point the team with the highest roll number will select his draft position and group. For instance he may want pick 2 in group B. Then the next highest roll will selct until all spots are taken.

Then the draft site will be turned on and the draft can begin with untimed picks.
On the actual draft day the draft timer goes on at 8am pacific and you have 20 minutes per pick. The draft timer shuts off at 8 pm pacific. You can still select but the timer is off.

Once the draft is complete a schedule of home and away games will be emailed to you.  This is used to set your pitching rotation for the regular season games. You will be required to email it back to the group so each manager prepare. Your bullpen resets after each series so that is not a real issue. You are allowed 4 innings per series. But a max of 3 games in a row for bullpen.

Depending on how many players we have the gameplay format can adjust. But in general you will play a 28 game regular season. 20 regular season games and 8 power matchups.

Then the playoff structure will begin. Depending on how many teams are in the tournament the format will be posted.